Prototype Update


With our second post on this site, we will take the time to give you a short update what happened in the last weeks. As we posted on twitter, we chose the basics of the game concept and we think you will like it. At the moment we can tell you as much as this, that the project will be a 2D, top down viewed, stealth and adventure mechanic driven game. We also looked for a game engine which fits in the project, and with the given criteria we decided to use LibGDX.

To test the basic mechanics of the game concept we programmed a little prototype in the last few weeks. Here are some little impressions of it:


In the next weeks, the elaborated concept will be published on the steam greenlight concept page and also on a variety of other pages. You will get the appropriated links on the social media platforms and, of course, here on our website.

Stay tuned!