Concept on the horizon


It is time. The first picture of our game has been created, it is the cover picture.

We are very proud to show it to you.. The picture you have been chosen from three different motifs is now part of our game in its dark completion. We hope that you like it.

The decision between the three motifs has been very scarce. Many of you voted for the picture showing two more persons in the interrogation room.

2015111923132820151119231324 20151119231322

In the next few days the picture will get a headline, so that we can use it as a completed cover. Right, the game has a name now. It will be released together with the finished cover picture. Until then you have to be a little patient. 🙂

Next to the concept art we have also further worked out the prototype. Several implements of the story telling have been created, which will give a simple system with all necessary story elements to the level designer. The Player can now interact with in game objects also. There are only a few little steps needed until the prototype will be finished, which means that we are a big step closer to the concept release.

Of course we are always happy about your feedback and comments that you can share with us here or on following social media:



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