It’s raining concepts!

Before we are going to bore you with the boring details of the changes, we want to show you our new concept-trailer.

A lot of things changed in the last days. There are a few new graphics that our team has implemented and fitted into the game. The prototype levels got a complete makeover. The Characters in the Game also changed a lot. Instead of the Square-like figures they have been so far, they look more like humans now.

The cover illustration which we have mentioned in the last blog post is now completely finished, looks bloody and carries the title of the game. Welcome to Nox Mortem!

We have established a Steam concept page as well as an IndieDB game page, so that you can fully experience our new concept-masterpiece. Next to the shown trailer, the pages also contain a number of screenshots and a textual concept, that lets you have a better insight into the game. With the concept release, we really want to have a look at your feedback. If you have any questions or ideas for changes we would like to read your messages.

The story also changed a little. We don’t want to spoil you, so we can’t tell any details, but we can say as much as that it is getting really dark. You can get more information if you watch the concept trailer and read the concept text.

Next we are going to begin with the alpha-phase of the game. Our team will be starting with the level-design, and will integrate the matching story elements. We will also start to develop the graphics for the first levels. Generic aspects as the menu, interface, graphic structure of the inventory et cetera, will be developed in this phase.

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